Coronavirus update – a message to my clients

This message was sent via email to current clients and those with ongoing maintenance or hosting contracts on Thurs 19th March.

As you’ve probably seen, the government has announced that all schools should close from tomorrow afternoon, due to Covid-19. Since I have two school-aged children, that will inevitably have a bit of an effect on Webscape Gardener!

I’d like to reassure you that I’ll do everything I can to reduce the effects of this on you and your websites. For most of you, I hope that the impact will be negligible.

The most immediate change is that my hours of working will become more erratic and I’m likely to be away from my desk more often during the working day. Despite this, I will very rarely be uncontactable so please do email / call as you would normally do.

I intend to delay the start of new projects until I have got used to the new way of working and I can estimate my availability more accurately, and I may also need to request extensions to some (but not all) existing project deadlines. I’ll be in touch individually if this affects you.

Regular maintenance (updates etc) and support tasks will be carried out as usual. Website hosting will be unaffected.

If you have any concerns, please do get in touch.

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