Website Hosting

Webscape Gardener do not manage hosting servers, however we may purchase and manage website hosting from a third party on your behalf.

When you buy third-party hosting through Webscape Gardener, I will also take on many of the admin’ aspects for you too. For example:

  • Set-up: I will carry out the initial hosting set-up for your website, e.g. uploading files, creating databases and setting up email mailboxes or email forwarding. There may be a small additional charge for this if your set-up is complex or includes large numbers of email accounts.
  • Messages: I’ll monitor any messages from the hosting company and explain the important parts, saving you from having to wade through lots of technical jargon!
  • Queries: If you have a query or a problem with your website hosting, I’ll liaise with the hosting company on your behalf to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. If the query is complex or takes a long time to resolve, there may be an additional charge for this.
  • Small changes: I’ll make any small hosting-related changes which you request, e.g. adding a new email address, or activating a new service, e.g. malware monitoring. Note that some services may incur additional charges – I’ll always let you know this in advance.
  • New services: I’ll let you know about any new services offered by the hosting company which might be relevant to your website.

Terms and Conditions for Third-Party Hosting

Unless otherwise agree, hosting must be paid for annually in advance. Your contract will automatically be renewed at the end of each term unless you advise me otherwise.

If you wish to cancel your website hosting, please do so in writing (email is fine) at least 1 calendar month before the current term ends. You can find the renewal date on your invoice.

Hosting is provided by a third party, therefore Webscape Gardener cannot make any guarantees about availability of the service. Our current hosting providers, SiteGround and Guru both have an uptime of 99.9/100%.

Although I will take steps to secure your site from malware and hacking, it is impossible to guarantee that any website – on any host or platform – will be completely safe. By hosting with Webscape Gardener, you accept that Webscape Gardener will not be liable for any losses arising from a compromised or otherwise damaged website.

In the event that a website hosted through Webscape Gardener is hacked or damaged, I will revert to the most recent safe backup (if available) and/or take basic steps to secure the site, at no additional charge to you. If securing and restoring the website takes more than one hour, or requires third party help, there may be additional charges. I will contact you to discuss your options before incurring any costs.

You will have access to a hosting Control Panel for your website, if you wish to use it. Please note that if you use this to activate a paid service, you will be billed for it.

E-commerce and High-traffic Hosting

Webscape Gardener does not currently offer hosting service for e-commerce websites or those with very high traffic, however I’m happy to recommend either of the providers we use for this kind of website. See details for: SiteGround or Guru. If you need help choosing a suitable plan, please get in touch.