Maintenance & Support

We provide ongoing support for your website, including consultancy, meetings, technical development, or editorial support.

Work is charged at £14 per quarter hour, or part thereof. The minimum charge per request* is £28.

* A “request” is considered to be one package of work requested in a single email or phone conversation, even if this includes several different elements. Additions or alterations to this package of work will usually be defined as a new request.

A rush fee of up to 50% may be applied for urgent work.

Ad-hoc Projects & Routine Work

For larger pieces of work or routine tasks, you may prefer to request a fixed-price quote or retainer fee, so that you can plan your expenditure.

Note that, depending on the nature of a project, it may not always be possible to provide a fixed-price quote. If it is not possible, I’ll provide an estimate or price range, and explain the kind of factors which are likely to affect the cost.

WordPress Updates

If you have a WordPress website, it is essential for your site’s security that you keep the WordPress core code and any plugins up to date. Unless otherwise agreed, this is your responsibility.

If your website is hosted through Webscape Gardener, I can set up some automatic update options. However, please note that this only applies to specific updates of the WordPress core and a few selected plugins. You will still need to check your website regularly for updates.

If you would prefer me to take on responsibility for keeping your WordPress installation up to date, prices for non-transactional websites are below.

If your WordPress website is hosted through Webscape Gardener:

  • £34 / month if paid monthly or quarterly in advance (in addition to hosting fee).
  • £370 if paid annually in advance (in addition to hosting fee).

If your WordPress website is not hosted through Webscape Gardener:

  • £40 / month if paid monthly or quarterly in advance.
  • £440 if paid annually in advance.

Please note: If your website was built by someone other than Webscape Gardener, I will need to carry out a site check before accepting it for an Updates plan. There may be a small fee for this check, depending on the complexity of your site.

What the plan includes

  • I will regularly check your website for new updates (at least fortnightly);
  • If/when I become aware of a security-related or other urgent update, I will aim to update your site within 24 hours;
  • I will always take a fresh backup immediately before carrying out any updates;
  • After carrying out updates, I will make visual spot-checks of several pages of your website to ensure it’s working as expected;
  • In the unlikely event that anything appears ‘broken’, I will immediately roll back to the saved backup and investigate. If it’s a quick fix, I’ll make any necessary changes and complete the update. If there is a more substantial problem, I’ll discuss your options with you as soon as possible.

Transactional WordPress websites

Websites with transactional features, e.g. sales, membership, auction or donations, are more complex and may need additional testing before applying updates. Please ask for a custom quote. Alternatively, updates can be carried out and billed on an hourly basis.